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Monday, 20 May 2013

UPTET 2011 solved paper 2 (Maths)


(1) 5/8 is a/an ----------fraction.
(A)   Proper  (B)   improper (C) mixed    (D) unlike 

(2) A post hs one-fifth of its length in the mud one half in the water and the rest of it 10ft in length is out of the water.What is the whole length of the post?
(A)   26ft 6in  (B)   33ft 4 in (C)36ft   (D) 37ft 9in

(3) Choose the option that is arranged in descending order :
(A)  3/4,2/3,9/16, 5/12(B)  5/12,9/16,2/3,3/4(C)  3/4,9/16 2/3,5/12(D) 9/16,5/12,3/4, 2/3

(4) What is the least fraction which when subtracted from 
4.3/4-3.5/9+11.5/21will make the result a whole number?
(A)1/3     (B)   1/6(C)  1/7 (D)1/9

(5) Simplify the following :
(A)1/6   (B)6   (C)  10 (D)12

(6) What is the square root of 2^8?
(A) 64  (B)  48  (C)  32 (D) 16

(7) A field is 80m in length and 60m in width. The ratio between its width and length is
(A) 3:2    (B) 3:4   (C) 4:3  (D)

(8) The angels of a triangle are in ratio 3:7:8. Which is the greatest angel?
(A)  60*   (B)   70* (C) 75*  (D)80*

(9) In a class of 50 students, 40% are girls.  How many boys are there?
(A)   20  (B) 10   (C)   25 (D)30

(10) Express as a decimal :
(Rs 37.25+Rs 2.30)/(Rs 12.67-Rs4.76)-1/10(Rs30.45-Rs1.20)/(Rs9.58-Rs6.33)
(A)  4.10  (B) 3.75   (C)  5.30 (D) 5.80

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