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Thursday, 30 May 2013

UPTET Test Paper Environmental Studies

                                 Environmental stadies Part II

  1. During summer the earth is
  2. Away from the moon Closer to the moon Away from the sun Closer to the sun
  3. Which of the following is not a part of the excretory system?
  4. Eyes Lungs Kidneys Skin
  5. We slip very easily on a wet floor because
  6. None of the above Water increases the friction We slip because we lose our balance Water reduces the friction
  7. Which of the planets is called the blue planet?
  8. Earth Neptune Venus Mars
  9. Which bone protects the brain from getting damaged or injured?
  10. Ribcage Femur Skull Vertebral column
  11. What is the purest form of water?
  12. Water from an ionizing filtration plant Distilled water Sea water Heavy water
  13. Which kind of birds have long legs with wide spreading toes?
  14. Scratching birds Swimming birds Perching birds Wading birds
  15. Ayurveda is a medical profession using:
  16. Slow exercises & breathing techniques Stones and gems Artificial chemicals Natural herbs & other minerals
  17. Snake venom is used by man as
  18. Weapon Medicine Food Cloth
  19. The movements of our body is made possible by our
  20. Bones Muscles Both Bones and Muscles None of the above
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